Why Blu-Ball™?

Better Performance, Last Longer & Cost Much Less

Performance – Our Nozzles deliver up to 20% more coolant flow because of their larger orifices.

Lasts Longer – Corrosion free! Acids accumulate in your coolant and drop the Ph levels. This corrodes soft metals like brass, copper and aluminum.
Blu-Balls are made of Medical grade plastic that is not porous and is impervious to acids. It will not pit. clog or corrode, EVER.

Cost Much Less – Starting at $20 for a single metal nozzle our competitors are driving your operating costs up!

Its doubtful that you’ll keep spare nozzles around for change overs at that price. So effectively,you don’t have what you need when you need it and you loose productivity. Blu-Balls are so economical you can afford an entire kit or two per machine and still not come close to what it would cost to use the competitors product.

Here’s and example:

Take a Daewoo/Doosan or Okuma lathe and with just a 12 tool turret your looking at 24 Nozzles at our competitors cost of approximately $480
That’s only 24 Nozzles! A Blu-Ball Kit for the same machine, with 70 Different Nozzles sells for just $230 THAT’ S LESS THAN 1/2 THE COST!